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Who wants a miracle?

Intimate conversations about mental struggles.

We do not talk here about promises for reforms in the health care system, nor about statistical data, but about the personal, family and social experience that occurs when a piece called 'mental coping' enters the puzzle of life. Usually it comes without warning and without making sure that it fits all the other pieces. When it pushed into a puzzle, it controls a general disorder, pushes all the pieces around it and declares: Come on, mess! I came to change the picture!

In each episode you can join a meeting with parents, brothers and sisters, contenders, caregivers. All of them speak honestly and courageously, all of them allow us to enter the chambers of a challenging life experience, which concerns us all. Yes, for all of us.

Sometimes it is part of the daily routine of a relative, a neighbor, a colleague. Sometimes it is part of our past, sometimes it is part of our everyday life, sometimes it lurks around the corner. Sometimes it's such a small piece that you just need to round the corners a little and here it is reintegrated into the good old puzzle, sometimes it's a storm that devours all the mosaic particles we put together with great effort, so that all we have left to do is collect everything again. And don't forget the big picture.  

Who are we

Tali Asher, a lecturer at the Kibbutzim College, a literature researcher at the Hartman Institute and Tel Aviv University, leads writing workshops and literary entrepreneurship.

The world of mental health is close to my heart and life, and I try to contribute my part for a world where there are no invisible parents, and to create an egalitarian discourse that does not distinguish between 'healthy' and 'sick' and between patients and caregivers.

Together with the My half known as 'Tsahi'.

Tsahi is the producer and sound editor, and also my husband for 29 years or 32 years, or 40 or 38, or even from another incarnation, depending on when you start counting. Anyway, without him this podcast wouldn't exist. Neither do I.

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